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Filling and closing line - cooling gel

Identification Number 2002


The line is designed for filling bottles of different sizes with liquid products and then applying caps and balls in the case of roll-ons. The caps are applied manualy on different types of bottles.

It's also possible to tighten the caps on the bottles, label them (on both sides in case of round bottles), print information on the bottom part of the bottle with Ink-jet and eventualy welt the bottle neck.

The function of the machine is controled by a microprocesor control system.


  • Height: 2400 mm
  • Width: 14350 mm
  • Length: 11430 mm
  • Weight: 3200 kg


Maximum performance: 55 doses/minute


  • Input, central and output conveyors
  • Turntable for feeding the empty bottles
  • Filling station
  • Ball application station
  • Vibration cap feeder and feeding conveyor
  • Cap tightening station
  • Labeling machine
  • Ink-jet station
  • Induction welting station
  • Turntable for accumulating filled bottles
  • Electrical distributor with a control panel

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